12 Pregnancy Self Care Activities to Help You Feel Amazing

It’s so exciting (and a bit nerve wrecking) waiting for baby. While you wait you focus on getting everything perfect for their arrival. Their room, all the best baby care products.

And all of that is great!

But, make sure to do some things for yourself before your little one’s big debut. A little pregnancy self care can go a long way!

It’ll be good for you physcially and mentally, and what’s good for you, is good for baby too!

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The Most Rewarding Pregnancy Self Care Activities

The best pregnancy self care activities. Things every expecting mom should do before baby comes, for herself!

1. Get a Lot of Sleep

Not to sound like a negative nancy, but you will be trading sleep for your new joyous little bundle. Totally worth it! Just saying you should get in as much well-needed rest as you can before your little one’s debut.


2. Hang out with Friends

Your social life is likely to dwindle a bit while you bond with your new family member. Don’t worry, any true friends will still be there when your ready to hang out again.

Of course, really good friends will be there to offer you any help you may need as well.

But before baby comes, make it a point to show your friends how much they mean to you. Have a girls night where you go out to eat, watch a good movie, or even hit up a fun concert.

It’s unlikely you’ll be doing much of that for the first year of your little ones life.

Not that it’s impossible to do these things once you have a baby, but it is a lot harder to squeeze in.

I know during my first year of motherhood I would have much rather gotten a peaceful nap than go to the theater anyhow.


3. Eat out at Your Favorite Restaurants

It may be a few months before you feel like taking your new baby out for their public debut.

Try eating out at your favorite restaurants before the big “B” day.

Some of my favorite memories are with my husband out at various restaurants around town. It was so peaceful to sit and chat together while leisurely eating.


4. Prep Well for Postpartum

Another fantastic pregnancy self care activity is prepping for after birth.

You will be so glad you did! So many women get caught up preparing for babies arrival (as you should) that they forget about themselves! (As you should NOT) Postpartum isn’t easy.

You are healing from possible injuries and major changes in your body physically, hormonally and emotionally.

Prep well for your postpartum. Create yourself a little kit that contains everything you’ll need for things like healing stitches and hemorrhoids, things that will help you get more rest and setting up your bedroom in a functional way so that you don’t have to physically get up so often when you’re trying to rest.

You will get very thirsty and hungry randomly. So keep handy snacks and lots of water.


5. Spend Time with Your Partner

Nows the time to dote on each other and put a little extra into each other’s emotional buckets. Having a baby can be rough on any relationship.

Things shift from being about you guys, to being all about baby. After all, your new little one will need your full attention.

Creating lasting feelings of love and gratitude now will help you have extra stores to dip into when you are feeling impatient with each other.


6. Baby Moon

A baby moon is a vacation you take before your baby comes. A good time to take a vacation while pregnant is your second trimester.

Hopefully by then you’ll be out of the first trimester morning sickness phase, but before the trimester aches and pains become an issue.

Plus, hopefully, you’ll get that second trimester energy burst!


7. Read Baby Care Books

Knowing how to take care of your baby before your baby gets here will give you so much more confidence when lots of little things pop up.

This is more for your sanity because regardless, you will be an awesome mom.

It’s just sometimes you’ll come across little golden nuggets of advice that will do wonders for you. Those are worth the hours of reading!

My Favorite:

♥ What To Expect The First Year
♥ The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby’s First Year
♥ The Other Baby Book: A Natural Approach To Your Babies First Year


8. Get a Deep Clean on the House

It might not sound like it, but deep cleaning the house is definately a self activitiy!

You’ll likely get the nesting feeling anyway in your third trimester where you’ll feel the desperate need to start cleaning all the things.

This is a good idea since the last thing you’re going to want to do after birth is scrub the bathtub.

Better yet, if you can, hire someone to do the deep clean for you.

They’ll give your house a fresh overhaul, leaving a healthy, clean environment for you to nestle down with the newest member of the family.


9. Prep Meal for Your Postpartum Recovery

Cooking is also on the low priority postpartum. So try batch cooking some freezer meals to keep in your freezer for easy, healthy dinners during the newborn phase.

This will also save you loads of money since you won’t be tempted to order out constantly.


10. Make Time for “Me” Time

Make sure to partake in your own favorite personal time activities. Scheduling time to take care of yourself will help keep you mentally healthy and happy.

Which is great for you and baby. Plus, “me” time is going to be pretty limited for a while, so get as much in now as possible!


11. Get Your Hair Done

I lived with a Mom bun for like a year. In fact, I’m still rocking one constantly. And by rocking, I mean pretending like it’s some fashionable thing.

Get your hair cut now, because it may be a while before you find time to get yourself back to the hair salon.


12. Start Journaling

Journaling is a great way to relax and reflect during pregnancy. It can help you process your thoughts and emotions and can help relieve stress.

This is especially important during pregnancy. You can even get free printable pregnancy journals.


And, for after baby comes, here’s a great article about regaining your identity after you have a child!

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11 Things you should do before your due date! Prepare for babys arrival by caring for yourself first. These should be on every new moms to do list.

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