5 Reasons Working Online as a Stay at Home Mom Totally Rocks

Being a mom is a round-the-clock job. It is the fullest of full-time jobs. It never stops, never ends. Juggle a job, housework, being a wife, and being a mom isn’t easy. Finding balance can be extremely difficult. Especially if you don’t like your job, and wish you could stay home with your kids.

Nowadays, a lot of women (and men for that matter) are choosing to work at home over having office jobs. This is a great option for working moms who want to be stay-at-home-moms or SAHMs.

It means less time prep for work, no commute and more time for chores, housework, and for the kids.

As work at home moms, we are able to make our own hours, manage our own time between work, kids, and other responsibilities because there is no set schedule to follow.

Here are the biggest advantages from working from home as stay at home mom.

P.S. If you haven’t gotten started yet, here are the best stay at home jobs for moms!

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Work at Home Moms Get to Make Their Own Schedule

Moms who work online can create their own perfect schedule. With a specific number of working hours that may be used straight or at different times of the day, it is the perfect arrangement for many mothers.

You are able to find your own rhythm that works for you and your family.

For our family, it was difficult to manage 2 working schedules with daycare. Trying to find high-quality child care that worked around both our schedules was nearly impossible. Then factoring in the cost for 2 very young children made it not even worth it. We would honestly be losing money.

Working at home makes it easy to work around doctor appointments, kids school, kids activities, errands, and chores. Working online allows you to schedule these tasks and have their free time for work. As long as she meets the deadline, it does not matter at what time of the day she works.


But is it convenient? 

Yes! One of the best things about working from home is that mom can continue contributing significant amount to the family income without the stress caused by the daily commute and heavy traffic of getting to and from the workplace.

There is also no need for time and effort to adjust to co-workers and the working environment. This is great because by working online, moms earn money without being exposed to stressful circumstances.


Mom calls the shots

Moms who work online as freelancers or bloggers are their own bosses. They don’t have the same pressures that those with a boss usually have.

They can choose their own clients, their own assignments, what tasks they are willing to perform and they can choose deadlines that are more convenient and achievable for them.

They work at their own pace and follow instructions and orders only from the clients they choose to work for.



Any mom would definitely choose to be there for her family whenever she is needed, especially by the kids. Working from home allows you to meet your kid’s needs, and makes it easy to continue working, even if one of your kiddos get sick.

The stress of calling in because of a sick kid can be stressful when sick leave is sparse. And in our case I knew if one got sick, the other wasn’t far behind. Plus being in daycare, they were always getting sick.

Working from home you can attend to your sick kid’s needs without having to ask anyone for permission. It is a luxury that SAHMs have that working moms don’t.

It seemed like so much time was wasted waking up early, getting dressing up and commuting to and from work. Now I get to wake up with my kids when we choose and start our day together.

It was killing me to feel like I was missing out on so much of their childhood.



Which brings me to my most important point.

FOMO: Fear of missing out.

I felt this fear ALL THE TIME as a working mom. My mind always wondered to my babies, and what they were doing. What I was missing, and if they were ok.

I was always in fear that I would miss out on them growing up, that I could barely enjoy the time I did spend with them.

Working for myself, I now can stop and spend time with them when I choose. When they need it most, or when something special is happening. That fear is gone now. I know I am here with them, and that is the best reason of all.

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Working from home as a stay at home mom, is awesome! Here are the reasons why you should quit your job and find work from home.

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