Best Affiliate Programs for Mom Bloggers

One of my favorite ways to make money with my mom blog is by using affiliate marketing!

Affiliate marketing means I get to talk about useful products that would be a great fit for my readers. I get to write about things I like, help someone else and make money while doing it! Win-win-win.

The hard part of affiliate marketing is finding a program you can stop raving about. (Because that really is the secret to great affiliate marketing!)

And, in the name of full disclosure, this post contains a few affiliate links. That means if you click on them, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you, simply by raving about programs I love. 😉 You can read my full disclosure here.

Here is a list of my favorite affiliate programs for mom bloggers. Remember, when selecting the programs you want to promote, keep your audience in mind.

Are these products that they would like, are looking for or will help make their lives easier and better?

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If you’re new to affiliate marketing I highly suggest taking Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroeder. Using the stuff she teaches in her course, I was able to make back my investment within two months as a new blogger!

It was worth every penny. She’ll also tell you about her favorite affiliate programs as well. You can read my full, in-depth course review here.

But for now, let’s get back to my personal favorite programs for mom bloggers.


Ultimate bundles is one of my favorite affiliate programs. This is mostly because I LOVE their bundles. (I own 8) and they have great products that you’ll feel good raving about.

The concept is a bit different than other products on the market.

This is how it works:

They have a specific theme such as “the homemaking bundle.” Then, they gather products from a ton of bloggers and other experts in this field who create products based around this theme. Each blogger adds a product of their choice into the bundle.

Some bundles have a few dozen products, while others have a couple hundred.

They then sell it for a super low price. Sometimes a single product in the bundle is worth way more than the bundle itself. (The main reason I get so excited about the herbal bundle.)

It seems a bit strange they would sell it for such a low price, but it’s a win-win situation for the bloggers and customers. They get great products for a low price, and the product suppliers get to promote the bundles and receive a large commission since they sell so well.

If you sign up for their affiliate program you get to promote it too, with a 40% comission.

*Biggest reason to sign up for ultimate bundles….They have FREE affiliate training in the affiliate portal!


ShareASale offers a ton of options for affiliate programs. Almost too many! This is great for finding just the right affiliate programs for you audience though.

Some examples of the affiliate programs that ShareASale offers are:

  • Ergo Baby Carriers
  • Earth Mama Organics
  • Fabfitfun
  • Mom Agenda (Pretty Planners for Moms)
  • Dollar Tree (Great for budget moms)
  • Kiwi Crate (Fun subscription boxes for kids)
  • Gymboree
  • Wayfair
  • +1000’s more

You can sign up here to be a ShareASale affiliate.

If you’re not familiar with how ShareASale works, you sign up to be an affiliate. You’ll create a profile and then start going through their merchant list to find affiliate programs that will be a great fit for your audience. Depending on your specific mom niche, you should be able to find tons of great programs.

They have everything from fashion and clothing merchants to health food and vitamin merchants, tons of baby-related affiliate programs, and even merchants who will pay you for sending them sign-up referrals.

Plus, ShareASale accepts almost all bloggers, even brand new ones, and they don’t have a “must make a sale by” date like so many other programs. So no pressure!


Awin is another affiliate program I love. Mostly because of one big merchant… Etsy!

I love promoting Etsy. They have so many neat products that are perfect for that unique affiliate link. Plus, it’s so easy to email each individual shop owner on Etsy and ask if you can use a photo to promote their product.

They are usually very happy to oblige, and will often promote the post on their social media feeds if you send them your post when you’re finished.

The trick to doing well with Etsy affiliate links is to get creative. I have done a round up post of personalized nursery decor (because first-time moms LOVE personalized gifts for their babies) and even round ups of very specific services offered from Etsy shops that have done very well.

The one downside is that the affiliate commission rate is low, 4%. This is pretty normal commission rate for physical products though. And they have a 30 day cookie. Which means that if someone clicks your link, and makes a purchase within 30 days, you’ll get a commission.

Another fantstic merchant Awin has that is reason enough to sign up with them, Swagbucks! Swagbucks is an awesome affiliate program because you get a little over $2 for each person that signs up under your link.

You can sign up for your own Swagbucks account here to check it out, then click this link to join the program.

You can sign up for the Awin affiliate program here. And just FYI, as a blogger you are a publisher, not an advertiser. So click the publisher button as your sign up option.


Of course, Amazon is a wonderful affiliate program for mom bloggers. A good portion of my income comes from Amazon.

One big drawback of the Amazon affiliate program is the “Click-through Nexus tax.” This tax applies to certain states and Amazon doesn’t accept affiliates from those states due to this tax. It’s a big reason many bloggers get rejected from their affiliate program.

If you live in a state where this tax applies and can’t join Amazon’s affiliate program, no worries! Michelle makes over $50,000 in affiliate sales per month, and she lives in a Nexus state!

Alright! Those are my favorite affiliate programs for mom blogs! Of course, there are tons others, but I firmly believe successful affiliate marketing boils down to sticking with a few great products you love and focus on those instead of joining a bunch of programs and hoping something sticks.

I talk more about that in detail my post about creating a sticky affiliate marketing web of content.

And if you’re ready to make a real income with your affiliate links you should take a look at the best affiliate marketing course I’ve found. It’s one of the most popular blogging courses out there and for a good reason! Everyone who takes it and implements the strategies seel real results!

It worked for me and I’m confident you’ll love it too. Check out Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. You won’t be disappointed.

You can read more here: My Honest Review of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

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