Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

As bloggers, time is super precious. With 100 things to do on your plate, along with getting dinner on the table and fitting in a shower, anything that helps make blogging easier is a yes!

So using the right tools can help save you loads of time and make you more productive.

There are a few chrome extensions that I cannot live without as a blogger. Here are my favorites along with a few others that many bloggers find useful.


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I’m gonna be honest for a second with you. I’m a terrible speller. I’m also equally awful at grammar. This makes Grammarly one of my favorite tools.

If you’re not using the free version of Grammarly, you’re missing out. It will check everything in your chrome window when active. So it’ll show you spelling and grammar mistakes in your WordPress post editor, along with other platforms, like facebook posts and comments. Never make silly spelling errors again!



When using affiliate marketing, all of your affiliate links need to be no follow, otherwise the Google gods with frown upon you. I know that plug-ins exist to make links no follow, but the problem with these is that sometimes plugins cause problems.

When they do you sometimes have to delete them. If you use a no follow plugin and then delete it, you could risk losing all the nofollow tags on your posts. That means having to comb back through them to make them all no follow again. (That would be a total pain!)

Instead, I suggest manually putting them in. And to double check that your links are indeed no follow, this little extension will show you all the nofollow links on every website by outlining them in a red box. It looks like this:

Chrome extensions for bloggers


This is one of my other blogs. All those red dotted boxes means that those links are nofollow.

So, by using this extension, you can check out your post after you publish it to make sure each of your affiliate links are tagged correctly.


Pinterest Save Button

The Pinterest Save button makes it easy to save your pins to Pinterest. Even if you are using social share buttons, some of them won’t show all the pinnable images on your post.

If you use hidden images to make more pin options, this is especially valuable.


Colorpick Eyedropper

This extension is great for making great looking graphics. Sometimes you want a particular color to use in your graphics but can quite get the right shade. With this tool you can simply click the extension icon, then click on the color you are wanting to use. It’ll give you the hex code that you can then plug into your graphic design program.

Great for branding, creating mood boards and Canva lovers.


Keywords Everywhere

This one is a must! When your thinking of a keyword phrase you’re wanting a post to be based on, make sure people are actually searching for this phrase.

I see so many bloggers get super excited to rank #1 in Google for a particular phrase, only to find out that no one is searching those words. (Meaning no traffic.)

With keywords everywhere, your Google page gets a little number added under your search bar and lets you know a rough estimate of search volume for that term per month. It looks like this:

Chrome extensions for bloggers

According to keywords everywhere, roughly 1,300 people a month search for the words “cloth diaper reviews.” I would also like to point out that awesome little column to the right.

That column is showing you related keyword searches and other terms that people are using. This can be invaluable when planning out your keywords for a post and figuring out long tail keywords you’d like to use in your post.



Another must-have extension if you are working on SEO for your blog! I love the Mozbar. It stays up in the corner of your extension but tells you the Domain Authority (DA) of whatever website your visiting.

This thing is awesome when your looking for blogs in your niche to guest post on and are looking for a blog with a higher DA than yours.

(Update* Mozbar seems not to be functioning well anymore. I’m not sure if it needs an update or what. This is a HUGE bummer for me, but as soon as I find an alternative I’ll let you know.)



Does your browser look like this?

Chrome extensions for bloggers, one tab.

You know, with 30+ tabs open at all times. Ugh. Me too.

It’s a bad habit, but I don’t think I’d function well without being able to go back and reference what I’m looking for, and pulling my affiliate links over and…. the list goes on.

The reason is problematic is simply that it slows your browser speed. Onetab helps reduce your memory usage by 95%. Not too shabby for us tab hoarders.

I will say it’s a little hard to get used to having all your tabs moved over under one section, but it becomes second nature after a while.


Forest: Stay focused, Be present

This little browser extension is cute and functional. Let’s face it, being on the internet makes it so easy to get distracted. I know Facebook is a big time suck for me. It’s so easy to think you are going to pop in to grab a link you saw, only to wind up scrolling mindlessly and commenting on someone’s cute baby video.

With this extension, you can set which sites are your time sucks and black list them. Then set your work timer and get a real, solid block of work done. If you succeed a cute little tree grows as a reward. If you wander off and get distracted, it dies…

It’s a fun way to be and feel more productive. It also pairs with their phone app as shown in the video below.

These are my personal favorites, and ones that make life as a blogger so much easier and more productive.

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