The Best Free Resources for Starting A Mom Blog

Want to start a mom blog but not sure where you should be focusing your time? I spent a year combing through loads of resources on how to start a blog. If you plan on starting a blog you are going to have to invest some money upfront, but it can start to add up really quickly. Here I’ve compiled a list of my favorite blogging resources you can get for free.


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12 Day Blog Boot Camp

This is a free course by one of my absolute favorite blog mentors, Scrivs. I’m apart of his Billionaire Blog Club and it is hands down on of the best resources I have on blogging. To be apart of his “club” you have to pay a flat entry fee, and then you get lifetime access. The intro fee may seem steep, but the value is incredible for the price.

I like Scrivs because he definitely keeps it “real” and is very involved in his community of bloggers. He constantly adds courses that all of his blogging members have access to as they come out, and he stays active in the community answering our burning questions. He’s really helped me fine tune my Pinterest strategy and helped me figure out SEO as well. AND if you’re not sold on this, just check out his blog income report. Insane.

You can access his FREE 12 day blogging boot camp here! 


Start a Mom Blog Free Blog Plan

This blogging plan has been one of my favorite resources! I still reference it. It gives you a great idea of what a good blog plan looks like, mapped out, ahead of time. To be successful and profitable, you have to have a good plan. This one is great, and best of all FREE. It gives you a good idea of how a profitable blog works. I love this website! It has loads of great info on starting a mom blog.

I read Suzi’s ebook Blog by Numbers when I first started my blog and it helped me so much! She walks you step by step through the whole process of starting a blog, and how to start making money with it early.

How to start a Mom Blog Blogging Plan


How to use Picmonkey Free E-course

This is a quick mini-course from Suzi. She shows you some basic how-tos of Picmonkey. This is great for making great featured images, along with Pinterest worthy pics! Picmonkey use to be free to use its basic services. Now they are a paid only program but do offer a 7-day trial. They are much easier to use for editing photos vs. a typical photo editor like photoshop.

How to start a mom blog, picmonkey free course to get your blog started right.


Blog Traffic Guide

Getting traffic to your blog is one of the most frustrating parts of blogging. In this guide, Lena shows you how to work the posts you have and how to create new posts to drive traffic. I love that she even shows you how it works with examples on her own blog. This is a great way to see how important it is to set up your posts in a way that keeps your readers on your site. And Again, it’s free!


Pre-written social media prompts

You can get a complete set of social media prompts. This is great when you’re staring at your Facebook page not quite sure what you should be putting out there. Kayla Aimee from Fruitful Blogging has created this set of questions and fun musings to help have an engaged tribe on your social media accounts. I personally found it very intimidating to figuring out what to write, but these easy to use ideas just make the whole thing a lot easier.



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These are some of the best free resources to starting a blog, getting traffic and making money!

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  1. These are very helpful resources. I have heard a lot about the Blog by Numbers course and it would have been great if I knew about it when I was first starting my blog. I have also found a tonne of useful blog resources on, check it out when you have time.

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