Christmas Marshmallow Pops with a Grinchy Twist

Today we have a fun twist on tradition Christmas marshmallow pops. We made them Grinch style! Marshmallow pops are perfect because they are so easy to make, the kids love them and they look great on a party table! Win-win-win.

Yummy Grinch Christmas Marshmallow Pops

We love a good grinch themed Chrismtas treat. And marshmallow pops are a favorite of mine to make.

They are so easy!

It’s literally just popping a few marshmallows on some sticks, melting some candy and decorating!

No baking! No cooking (except for a bit of microwaving! On clean up isn’t bad at all. (As long as you wash the melted candy dishes right after your done.

You can make these for a fun Christmas themed treat for your kids after school or as a fun party snack!

You could even wrap these up individually in cellophane with a bit of decorative ribbon and sell at bake sales!

To whip up some of your own Christmas marshmallow pops, just follow along with our step by step tutorial!

easy christmas marshmallow pops DIY

Ingredients Needed for Christmas Grinch Marshmallow Treats

This recipe will make 6 marshmallow treats. You can double it if you plan on taking them to a party and will need more.

  • 24 marshmallows
  • 1 Bag of white candy melts (vanilla almond bark would work well too!)
  • 1 Bag of dark green candy melts
  • 1 Bag of bright green candy melts
  • Heart sprinkles

Other tools that would come in handy are:

  • Piping bags (although you could use a fork to drizzle the melted candy in a pinch)
  • Lollipop sticks or bamboo skewers
christmas marshmallow pop recipe

How to Make Christmas Marshmallow Pops

Start by lining a baking sheet with wax paper. This will make clean up so much easier!

Next, put 4 of your marshmallows onto the lollipop sticks or bamboo sticks with a slight twisting motion.

Lay each marshmallow stick out on the wax paper with a finger width space between each one.

First, we’ll start by melting the white candy melts or almond bark. Just follow the melting instructions on the back of the bag, or wrapper.

Make sure not to overheat your candy! It will cause it to get gloopy and become an unusable mess.

If you’ve melted the candy completely, and it still seems to thick, you can use a teaspoon of coconut oil or other favorite vegetable oil to this in out. (No more than 3 teaspoons.)

This should help make the melted candy pourable, which will make decorating your Christmas pops so much easier!

Grab one of your marshmallow pops and hold it over your white melted candy.

Using a spoon or spatula scoop up the candy and pour it over your pop, allowing the excess candy to drip into your candy bowl, like shown below.

how to make christmas grinch marshmallows

Place the marshmallow pop back on the wax paper and repeat with each marshmallow skewer until all of them are covered in white chocolate.

Allow your marshmallow pops to dry completely.

In 2 seperate bowls mix each of the green colored candy until it is melted and pourable.

You may have to add oil again, like mentioned above when melting the white chocolate.

easy christmas grinch marshmallow pops

Once the green candy is completely melted, transfer each color into a different piping bag. A bright green bag and a dark green bag.

how to make grinch marshmallow pops for christmas

Grabbing the dark green melted candy bag, snip off the corner and drizzle all over the marshmallow pop.

candy covered christmas marshmallows

Then do the same with the dark green melted candy.

While the candy is still wet, add green sprinkles to the marshmallow pop.

christmas marshmallows

Then to make a bit of Grinch magic, add a single red heart sprinkle onto each of the pops.

Grinch christmas marshmallow pops

Allow the marshmallows to rest on the wax paper until the candy has hardened and is completely dry.

Then using a knife cut along the sized to free the pop from the melted candy left on the wax paper.

Now you have adorable little Grinchy Christmas marshmallow pops!

You can package them up or lay out on a plate as a fun Christmas party snack.

These pops hold up best when placed in a sealed container and refrigerated until ready to serve.

marshmallow pops for christmas recipe

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