Easy felt DIY Christmas ornaments

DIY Easy Felt Christmas Ornaments

These little felt Christmas ornaments are so easy to make yourself, but look so elegant and lovely on the tree! They make perfect handmade gifts, or as a way to add a personal touch to your own Christmas tree.

Supplies for These Easy DIY Felt Ornament

  • Felt in your favorite color. We love the gray felt.
  • White thread
  • White cord to hang your ornament
  • White accent beads
  • Ornament stencil, you can click on the photo below to download and print out the stencils

DIY felt ornament stencil for cute felt christmas ornaments.

Directions for these Felt Ornaments

1. Double layer your felt and carefully cut out your ornaments using the stencils above.

Easy felt DIY Christmas ornaments

2. On one side of your ornament start attaching your small white accent beads. This will be your front panel.

3. Then start sewing your two pieces together using the blanket stitch. If you don’t know how to use this type of stitch, here’s a great tutorial from Tammy Hallam


4. Before sewing both pieces together completely, leaving about 1 inch open, to add a small amount of stuffing. You can use batting if you have extra handy, a couple of cotton balls pulled apart, or even a small plastic bag crumpled up will work too.

5. Now finish stitching up your cute little ornament.

6. Now attach your cord to your felt ornament. You can either stitch it in with your need and thread or string it through the top of your ornament with a larger needle.

Enjoy your cute new felt Christmas ornaments!


Here’s a quick tip:

If you want to make a few of these gorgeous little ornaments, you might find it useful to purchase or borrow a fabric cutting machine.

These machines can quickly cut out multiples of the same design, which means that you can get on with other things – such as sewing the tree pieces that are already cut.

You can find manual or electric fabric cutting machines. Here is a great guide to help you find the right fabric cutting machine for your needs and your budget.

DIY felt Christmas ornaments. These easy to make yourself ornaments are perfect as inexpensive christmas gifts, or as cherished keep sakes for your family christmas tree.


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