Fullybooked VA Review (The Horkey Handbook Virtual Assistant Course)

Today I am sharing my honest review of the Fullybooked VA Course. Formerly known as the Horkey Handbook virtual assistant course. I took the course myself and Ive got to say, theres quite a bit of information in there! So here I give you the good and the bad and help you to see if the course is worth it.

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My Review of the FullyBooked VA Foundations Course

Hey aspiring virtual assistants! Let me spill the tea on the FullyBooked VA course. If you’re eyeing this course as your golden ticket into the VA world, I’ve got some insights that might just tip the scales for you.

When I first eyed this course, I’ll be honest, I was a mix of hopeful and skeptical. The promise of turning a VA dream into reality sounded great, but could it really deliver?

I mean, I’m not gonna lie. When I first saw the price of the course, my first thought was absolutely not! No way. Too expensive.

So i tried learning to do it all myself. And let me tell you, even with the plethora of information out there for free, I was overwhelmed and spinning my wheels going no where. So after 3 months of pedaling, I decided to take the plunge.

And boy I’m so glad I did. First off, this course isn’t just about theory; it’s about action. The goal-setting part? A total game-changer. It helped me map out a clear path to grabbing my first clients. And their service selection advice was like having a career counselor and a cheerleader rolled into one, guiding me to choose services that played to my strengths and interests.

Plus, the Hourly Rate Calculator? Pure gold for a newbie unsure about pricing​​. Here are some other things I really enjoyed about the course.


All right, any good review starts with the pros, right? So here we go.

Alright, let’s take a realistic look at the pros of the FullyBooked VA Foundations course:

  1. Crafting a Solid Plan: They start with goal-setting, which is crucial. Honestly, I wondered how this would help me land clients, but their approach of aligning services with my skills and interests was surprisingly practical. Plus, their Hourly Rate Calculator was a handy tool, especially for a numbers-phobe like me.
  2. Finding Clients: This module was like a client-hunting playbook. I was skeptical about their ‘7 ways to find clients’ initially, thinking it might be too good to be true. But the scripts and templates were a real help, particularly for someone introverted like me.
  3. Getting Hired: Here’s where my skepticism started to fade. Their tips on interviewing and follow-ups were more than just fluff. They actually gave me a blueprint on how to increase my rates and negotiate like a pro.
  4. Nailing the Process: The course shines in its practicality here. Learning to draft proposals and contracts, and onboard clients efficiently was a lifesaver. I was doubtful about how much I’d use these, but they turned out to be everyday essentials in my VA toolkit.
  5. Managing Clients & Efficiency: Initially, I thought this would be basic client service stuff. But it actually dove deep into relationship building and efficiency hacks, which were game-changers for managing my workload.
  6. Income Growth: Their specialization advice seemed like a long shot at first. But as I got into it, I realized how specialization could actually help boost my rates and reduce overwhelm.

You can check out everything the course offers here.


Now let’s balance the scales with some cons of the FullyBooked VA Foundations course, keeping in mind that these aren’t deal-breakers:

  1. Price Tag: The course isn’t exactly pocket change. For someone starting out, the cost might make you pause and consider. It’s an investment, and like any investment, it requires weighing the potential return.
  2. Information Overload: At times, the course can feel like drinking from a fire hose. There’s a lot to take in, which is great for value, but it can be overwhelming. It requires pacing and maybe even revisiting some sections.
  3. Time Commitment: This isn’t a ‘sit back and absorb’ course. It demands active participation and real effort. If you’re looking for a quick and easy path to becoming a VA, this might feel like a bit much.
  4. No Magic Bullet: While the course is thorough, it’s not a magic solution. Success still hinges on your effort and application of what you learn.

In essence, the cons are about considering the investment, managing the wealth of information, and acknowledging that your own effort is key to success.

The Different Course Options

One of the things they offer that can help if you are on a super tight budget is course options. I enrolled in the entire bundle because I wanted the perks that came with it. But you can enroll in individual courses too. Like their VA foundations course or check out all of the course options here.

I suggest taking a look at their bundle page to see everything that is offered. You can then decide if that’s a good choice for you or pick on of the individual courses instead.

In summary, while I started off with a raised eyebrow, the course’s blend of practical advice and actionable strategies won me over. It’s not a miracle solution, but for those willing to put in the effort, it’s a solid foundation for a VA career.

Taking this course not only gave me the information I needed to start my journey as a virtual assistant, but it gave me something even more important. Action steps! Things to start doing right away that helped me start landing my clients early. Which meant more money in my pocket. I made up the money I spent on the course within the first 3 months of starting my VA business. And it was totally worth it.

Ready to kickstart your VA journey? The FullyBooked VA course is waiting to turn your aspirations into reality. Dive in, embrace the learning, and watch as you craft a career that’s as flexible and rewarding as you’ve dreamed. Let’s get you fully booked!

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