Is Blogging For You?

Recently, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about blogging and how to make an income online by other moms.

Honestly, blogging is one of my favorite things to talk about! I still think it’s flipping awesome to do something interesting, fun and challenging all while making money!

I didn’t even know people made money with blogs until the last couple of years. Actually, a lot of moms make money online by blogging. With people using the internet for their main source of entertainment and information it’s no wonder it’s so profitable.

So what has starting a blog done for me?

I honestly found out about blogging when I was desperate for a way to work from home after I had my first baby. It was torture to be at work knowing I had my sweet little one at home just waiting for me. (I or so I liked to think.)

So I started blogging on my off days. Now I make enough income that I get to stay at home while my babies are still babies, and not feel like we are struggling financially. (My husband’s job is NOT a high paying one.)

It’s still work of course. But I call the shots for everything. I get up when I want, get my babies situated with breakfast and play activities and then get in some writing in the mornings. When they need me, I’m there. When they take their first steps and say their first words, I’m there.

It’s pretty much a dream come true for me.


So the big question is, is blogging right for YOU?

Maybe, maybe not. Blogging is not for everyone. Here are some of the most common questions that get asked:

♥ Is blogging hard? 

This is hard for me to answer. Mostly because blogging is A LOT of work. But its so stinkin satisfying at the same time. To me, it was hard to leave my babies every day. My old job was much more stressful. I actually enjoy what I’m doing now. I get excited about it. To me, it was much “harder” to go to a job I didn’t love and being away from my kids.

♥ Can you really make money blogging?

Yep. It amazed me when I actually started making money with my first blog. (I currently have a few.) 3 Months into launching my first blog to the public, I made $345. Now I make more, and I continue to grow each month.

♥ How much time do you have to spend working on your blog?

A lot! Any mom blogger who tells you that it’s super easy to blog and they only work 2 hours a day, or only during nap time, probably isn’t giving you a total picture. The thing is, it takes a lot of time and effort to build a good solid base. Once you have a sturdy base and start turning a profit, then yes, your blog can start bringing in a profit with a lot less effort.

For example, 5 months after launching my first blog, i took an entire month off, and it made $600 without me ever touching it. (I was actually working on other projects.) But still pretty good for a new website that needed nothing from me that month.

♥ Does blogging cost money?

Yep. I invested a few hundred on various things to get my blog up and running the right way, from the very start. The thing is, my time is precious to me. I knew if I was going to put a lot of time and effort into creating a blog to make money, I need to see it pay off sooner than later. I made the choice to invest in myself and my business.

I knew that I was going to work my butt off and that it would pay off. And you know what, it did! I got everything I invested into, back within a few months. Plus I was able to ride off all of those expenses off on my taxes. 😉

Can it be done for free?

Probably. But there is such a steep learning curve that trying to figure it all out yourself, no matter how good of a researcher you are, seems nearly impossible. Everything changes and updates so quickly with technology that it would be hard to keep up.

The thing is, a lot of successful bloggers have so many awesome tips and tricks that work really well. But, their business is blogging, so they reserve their best stuff to sell in their products. They worked really hard to figure that stuff out, so that they have a great product to sell to people who want to make it their business too. So in my opinion, investing in learning is worth every penny. I have spent thousands on various courses, books, groups and tools, and I don’t regret any of it.

Basically building a successful blog and business is going to cost you somewhere. You spend money, or you spend time. It just depends on what’s more valuable to you in that moment.

♥ If your serious about making money from home, You HAVE to invest in your blog and yourself

It really is as simple as that. There’s no way I would have been able to start making money with out those tools to guide me. You don’t even realize how much you don’t know, until you start know more. Than it’ll blow your mind how much good info there is out there!

Luckily to actually get started is pretty cheap. And there’s a lot of great free resources that I’m going to point out for you to get you started!

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