Morning Sickness Remedies That Work

These were the best thing ever when I was super nauseated at work. I worked as a nurse in a hospital during both of my pregnancy’s and holy moly the smells. Things that never bothered me before, where suddenly on my most resented list. I couldn’t even eat lunch with my co-workers half the time because of the odors some of their foods would put out!

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Morning sickness remedies that work! Perfect for pregnant moms in early pregnancy.

Here is an extensive list for desperate pregnant mama’s to try:

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1. Preggo Pops

These little preggo candies worked so stinking well for me! I kept them on my person at all times. They aren’t the most healthy of remedies because they are candy, but I didn’t care. If I started feeling queasy, I’d pop one of these bad boys and be just fine. Fair warning with them though, they work best when taken at the first sign of nausea, if your in full blown, bout to toss my cookies mode, these probably won’t save you at that point.


2. Tummydrops

These ginger candies are like the preggo pops, except they are made with ginger. Ginger is an old remedy that is supposed to be amazing for digestive health and stomach problems.  I, unfortunately, could never get over the taste of ginger. It seems to be one of those flavors you love or hate. And I do NOT love it, but many other women swear by it!


3. Ginger Tea

If candies aren’t your thing, you could always try some real ginger tea.

To make ginger tea you can use fresh ginger root from the grocery store and boil it for 30-45 minutes to make a tea.

Or you can get some good old ginger tea bags to keep in your purse or work bag.


4. Morning Sickness Tea

This is a blended tea made specifically for morning sickness. One of the main ingredients is ginger, but it’s blended with different tea leaves as well.

I haven’t tried this one personally, so I don’t know how it tastes, but its rated really well on Amazon by hundreds of soon-to-be mamas.


5. Sea Bands

This is a soft knitted bracelet that uses a little plastic knob to create pressure on a certain pressure point on your wrist. It’s supposed to help reduce nausea.

This one appears to work for some mama’s and not at all for others. I had a co-worker once who went on a cruise and got so sea sick she couldn’t leave her cabin.

Her husband bought one of these little bracelets from the gift shop and she said within a few hours she was completely better.

She didn’t take it off for the rest of the cruise, and didn’t get sea sick at all after that. Not the same as morning sickness, but totally worth a try.


6. Eat plain crackers

Those little saltine crackers hold nearly no nutrition, but the can relieve nausea pretty well.

I kept a supply of these nearby all the time, even next to my bed at night.

Mostly because when I’d wake up that queasy feeling would start to set in. I’d eat a few crackers and after a few minutes I’d feel much better.


7. Rest

Your body just copes with everything better when you get more rest.

So sleep, sleep, sleep. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your new little one growing inside you.


8. Evaluate your prenatal vitamin

Is your prenatal making your sick? Unfortunately, prenatal vitamins are a must.

Your baby is growing so fast and there are certain nutrients that are essential for their healthy growth and development. Not all vitamins were created equal though.

If you suspect your vitamins could be making you sick then you may want to try switching. I used the Baby & Me vitamins. They never made me feel sick, and they are made from real foods.

Meaning your body absorbs them better. Be warned though, you are supposed to take 4 a day.

That’s because they are made from real, no synthetic ingredients, but you can take them all at once, or spaced out throughout the day.



Early pregnancy morning sickness remedies that work! These natural remedies for pregnancy will having you feeling better in no time!

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