Cute Paper Flower Bouquet

Paper flower tutorial. Step by step flower bouquet how-to. Perfect craft for mothers day.This is a really fun craft to work on. After creating a few of these flowers, the idea of creating a bigger bouquet sounds like a lot of fun too! But for now we’ll keep it simple. A few pieces of different types of paper along with a couple other basic supplies you probably have sitting in your craft box, and you’ll be able to create this beautiful flower bouquet that doesn’t have a shelf life!

This is the perfect little gift to show mom you are thinking about her on mothers day, or simply just because.

Plus this little bouquet is way more personal (and affordable) than any boquet you would get in a flower shop. Ok Let’s get down to it!

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Step 1: Gather all the materials needed for this tutorial:

♥ A piece of green and red crepe paper ( I sometimes have trouble finding crepe paper at the local craft stores. You can find great floral colors here.)
♥ A piece of pink tissue paper
♥ 3 brown pipe cleaners
♥ 3 rubber bands
♥ Plastic sheet
♥ Hot glue
♥ White glue
♥ Purple satin ribbon
♥ A small piece of paper
♥ Black pen


Step 2:  Fold the pipe cleaners into two equal parts. Twist the folded pipe cleaners.


Step 3:  Cut the red crepe paper. The width of this should be at least 8 centimeters. Unfold the crepe paper and divide this into three equal parts. You should have three strips of red crepe paper by now.


Step 4: Fold the red strip lengthwise. This will serve as the flower’s petals.


Step 5:  Sandwich one end of the pipe cleaner to the folded red strip.


Step 6: Start wrapping the crepe paper around the end of the pipe cleaner. Continue doing this until you reach the end of the red strip.


Step 7:  Tie the base of the petal using a rubber band.


Step 8: Fix the spacing of the wrapped red crepe paper to make the flower more realistic.


Step 9: Do the same for the next two flowers. When you are done, it should look like this.


Step 10: Cut a strip from the green crepe paper. This should be at least 4 centimeters wide. Cut several triangular spaces on one side of it. This will serve as the sepal of the flower and this will be wrapped immediately at the bottom of the red petal.


Step 11: Wrap the green crepe paper on the immediate bottom of the flower. Make sure that the pointed end is oriented on the topmost part. Use white glue for permanently sticking this.


Step 12: Do the same procedure for the remaining two flowers.


Step 13: Cut three medium rectangle shaped pieces from the pink tissue paper.


Step 14: Cut a medium rectangle shaped piece from the plastic sheet.


Step 15: Hot glue the two flowers permanently. Make sure that one flower is taller than the other.


Step 16: Glue the third flower, but this time, make sure the position is lower than the second one.


Step 17: Arrange the sheets accordingly based on the following order starting from the bottom: plastic sheet and three tissue papers arranged in random positions. The orientation of the plastic sheet and the tissue paper should be in a diamond position.



Step 18:  Fold the right sheet towards the center of the flower.


Step 19:  Fold the right sheet again towards the right side, thereby opening a window to the flowers body.


Step 20: Do the same on the left side of the sheet. Hold the sheets on the center when you have achieved the proper folding of it.


Step 21: Hold the sheets tightly together with the flowers and fix the unnecessary folds on the top and on the sides of the bouquet.


Step 22: Wrap the purple ribbon around the sheets and the flower and tie a bow from it.


Step 23: Write your special message for your mom on a piece of paper.


Step 24: To finalize the look, insert your small message on the side of the flower bouquet.


Now you don’t need to rush to buy flowers in the store. This will save you all the hassle and your mom will definitely appreciate this since you made it on your own. What are you waiting for? Make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day by making this bouquet! Hope you like it!

Try this step by step paper flower tutorial. What a cute DIY craft for mothers day for the mom who loves flowers!

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