Positive Parenting Solutions Review: Is it worth it? 2023

This is my personal experience review of positive parenting solutions by Amy McCready. A course I took that helped save my sanity and helped me and my husband raise our children in a peaceful home without the yelling, frustration and total guilt.

positive parenting solutions

Being a parent has been my dream since I can remember. Having a rocky start of my own as a child, I daydreamed of raising children in a calm and peaceful household with lots of love and positive feelings.

However, reality kinda bites.

After having both my kids back to back, working full time, being sleep deprived and trying to juggle my own business at home, parenting wasn’t something i felt like a “winner” in.

In fact, with my two toddlers in tow, I regularly felt enraged and even found myself yelling at my young children and losing total control of myself and my own feelings.

After having a full-blown fit of my own, I’d always step back horrified asking myself “who was that!”

When the day was over, I’d look at my sleeping children and be filled with feelings of regret and remorse, promising myself the next day I’d do better.

However, the next day would come and go and things never got better. My guilt just felt like it grew and grew and would soon start bubbling over.

This is not the parent I wanted to be!!

In fact, they seemed to snowball out of control and we were all in bad habits of yelling, threatening and general misery.

After googling “how to stop yelling” for the 100th time, I finally stumbled upon a thread in a facebook group where a mom was talking about how much an online parenting course changed her life.

It sounded wayyy to good to be true. But I was desperate to try anything.

I ended up finding a free little mini course from a site called positive parenting solutions. After watching the entire thing, I finally felt like I understood myself and my children a little better.

I finally had a little hope that things would actually get better.

After debating back and forth whether or not to invest our money into their full course, my husband convinced me to just do it. (Later he admitted he just wanted his “old wife” back. And not this yell-y miserable beast I had become.)

I jumped into the course and was so relieved to find real, actionable answers.

I felt like I could finally end the power struggles. And help fix my children’s behavior by *gasp* changing my own!

In short, the course was life-changing. I went from an angry guilt-ridden mom with anxious kids, to being a happy mom. Which naturally led to happy kids.

Now not every day is rainbows and butterflies. But a lot of them are! I am still learning to be a better parent. But I no longer feel the mom guilt like I did before.

My parenting style has shifted. I now fully embrace positive parenting, and my family life is thriving.

But, here is my full review of the positive parenting solutions class that can turn you from yelling, angry mom to the peaceful parent you always wished you could be. (And of course, this means kids who are happy and WAY fewer tantrums!!)

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What’s the Deal with Positive Parenting Solutions?

In its most basic form, the positive parenting solutions class is an online course that helps you become the parent you’ve always wanted to be.

You know, cool, calm and collected. Positive Parenting.

This means:

No more tantrums. No more meltdowns. No more guilt!

The thing is, most of us know what parenting should look like.

I know that when my toddler is having a full-blown meltdown I should be able to calm and assist them with their feelings. The problem is:


I needed actionable things I could do in very specific situations.

And positive parenting solutions gave me these things!

They have a “tool chest” of 35+ tools to help you navigate all the hard situations that would normally make you want to scream and run out the house. Things like the family harmony tool!

Instead, they literally will walk you through things that you can say to your child in those really hard moments and what to do when things feel like they are getting way out of control.

They also give you step-by-step instructions to help you bond with your child so they feel loved, safe, connected and happy.

This in turn means they actually listen to you.

Course Features

I have taken quite a few online courses. Some courses have good information but are NOT user-friendly.

However, this course is set up well and works for all sorts of learning styles.

Lesson Structure: Ok I don’t know about you, but this is a big one for me. The course has video lessons, along with written text and a “workbook.”

And even though “homework” may make you want to groan, the workbook pages are AMAZING.

Do not go through the course without stopping to fill in your workbook.

The self-reflection part is huge, and parts of it will make you want to cry, while other parts will give you tiny thought explosions of “why didn’t I realize this before?”

Course Modules: It starts with a parent personality assessment. Which helps you identify what type of parent you naturally are.

Then it also goes into detail on all the variations of parenting areas.

Things like:

  • Potty training
  • Sibling bullying
  • Dealing with teens
  • Positive discipline
  • Dealing with homework hassles
  • School success
  • Helping kids with ADHD and anxiety
  • How to stop entitlement
  • Dealing with bedtime blues
  • No more chore wars
  • How to get your partner on board (even if you aren’t together)
  • How to handle extreme behaviors in a positive way
  • Implementing positive parenting strategies
  • Parenting problems and parenting struggles
  • How to get kids to listen without yelling
  • How to transform sibling relationships
  • Teaching your kids to be confident, capable and independent (Or ultimate goal right?)

Over all, the biggest way the course helps is by helping you enjoy your kids now, and to raise kids who can take care of themselves well later.

What more could you want from parenting??

One on One Coaching: There is also one on one coaching if you feel like you are getting stuck in a particular area or having trouble understanding certain parenting principles. It’s called personalized success coaching.

Facebook Community: They even have a facebook community where you can connect with others on their own parenting journey.

Ok, But Does Positive Parenting Solutions Work?

Yes!! The coolest part of the whole thing, is that it works so quickly!

My and my husband created our action plan and started applying all the techniques, and within 3-4 days our kids were 100% different.

They were calmer, they listened (mostly) and tantrums reduced drastically!

That’s because the first few weeks of the course are all about building connection with your children!

Of course, there are still meltdowns every now and then. But instead of 3 hours of screaming, my 4 year old can actually use her words to tell me exactly how he’s feeling.

He’ll explain when his feelings are hurt, or when she is angry and needs a minute to collect himself. He is literally mimicking what we are doing and it has been amazing.

We can now deal with all those big feelings and feel good afterward!

It feels good to know that we are teaching our children that those big feelings are ok and that they will have life long skills on how to deal with them in a healthy way.

It is hands down the best gift we could have gotten ourselves and our children.

happy mom watching positive parenting solutions course

Try The Mini-Course

This little mini-course gave me so many ah-ha moments about how to create change in my house.

Best part, it’s FREE!

You should definitely sign up for it here. Watching this led to my “Ah-Ha” Moment.

It also gives you a “taste” of what kind of information is in the course.

However, if you want to jump in full steam right now, then you can see the full course information here.

Is it Worth the Money??

Ok, from the thrifty side of things, the course is quite an investment.

For our family, that is no small amount of money.

But they have a monthly payment plan and at the time, we could afford that. Plus you get lifetime access.

>>And they offer a 30 day money back guarantee! This is a big one for me. Because that means it’s risk free. You can try it for 30 days, and if you realize it won’t work for you, you can get your money back, no questions asked!!

It was hands down worth the amount of money for a calmer and more peaceful household.

I’m pretty sure it saved my mental health and I go to bed feeling good at night instead of constantly questioning if I’m doing right by my kids.

Parenting is hard. But with the right tools it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Check out the Positive Parenting Solutions Course and make sure to sign up for their free mini-course!! 

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