Pregnancy Workout for an Easier Pregnancy & Birth

This video will show you basic, but very effective workouts and stretches that will help strengthen your core and pelvic muscles. This will help make labor and birthing a bit easier. Make sure to download the check sheet below as a reminder of workouts you can be doing daily.

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Pregnancy Workout For Easier Labor & Birth

Free Pregnancy Workout Printable

Use this free printable to make it easy to remember which exercises and stretches you should be doing daily to help prep your body for labor.

Pregnancy fitness workout free printable. Exercises and stretches for an easier labor and birth

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P.S. If you haven’t signed up for a prenatal course yet, make sure you check out this course from Hilary, the labor nurse. She’s running a special right now where you can get her beginner’s class for free! Although, i recommend the full course. It’s packed with super useful information and helps take the fear out of birth!

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Pregnancy workout video for an easier labor and birth. Prenatal fitness is a big deal. Use these simple pregnancy safe exercises and stretches to keep in shape and strengthen and open your pelvis and hips. Perfect for an easier labor and delivery.

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