I get asked frequently what’s the best way for moms to make money at home. There are lots of answers to this one. But my favorite by far is blogging!

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After I had my babies, I desperately wanted a way to stay home with them. My husband’s income alone wasn’t enough to keep us afloat financially. We had debt to pay off and our bills were high. So we started budgeting, and I started a blog.

With the extra money I make from my blog, I’m able to stay home with my kiddos. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made for our family. Not only that, now I have a job, that doesn’t even feel like a job. I love it!

If your asking, can you really make money blogging? The answer is yes. Just check out how this blogger makes $50,000 a month with her blog. (I am nowhere near this amount! But I’m growing. Who knows where blogging will take me one day!)

Anyway if you’re ready to make a jump, and start making money at home too, get started today! You won’t regret it.

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Is blogging right for you?

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