Considering starting a VA business? This tool will help you succeed faster!

Did you know that the need for VA services has increased 95% over the last 3 years. The average hourly wage for a VA in the US is $35-$50 dollars!

If you are considering becoming a VA (virtual assistant) and starting a VA buisness, but have no idea where to start, then you need to seriously consider how you are going to figure it all out.

I’ll admit that I tried to figure it all out by myself for a few months. I googled everything I could on how to become a VA, what services I could offer with the skills I already had, how to learn new skills to offer.

I had so many questions.

  • Where do I start?
  • How to do find clients? Where do I find clients?
  • How do I promote myself?
  • Why can’t clients just find me?
  • I use email all the time, but what the heck is email management?
  • How much can I charge?

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How to become a VA | Starting a VA business

I searched the internet for hours trying to find all this information. There were bits and pieces, but it was so hard to find a comprehensive to-do list on how to build a business.

I finally stumbled upon this article. The information was so great, that I knew this woman could help me. (Or at least, I really, really hoped so.)

Table of Contents

What this course teaches you about starting a VA business.

What do you want from your business?

Yep. Becoming a VA means that you are starting your very own business. Don’t be overwhelmed though. This is doable.

You can start your own business. It’s not as hard as it sounds! At least not when you have someone walking you through every step of the way.

She covers everything you need to know about starting a VA buisness. She starts by making you ask yourself the hard questions. (To be honest, this was my least favorite part. It makes you have to do some deep inner searching on what you want from your business.)

I get why though. These hard questions will set your business foundation and make you successful from the very start. If you don’t know why and what your vision is, you won’t get very far.

What services to offer

I assumed there were only a few services you can offer as a virtual assistant. The typical such as email management, social media management, those sorts of things. (These are 2 very big ones that people need help with.)

But there are sooo many services you can offer.

Gina has a list of 150+ services you can offer as a VA. (Crazy, right?)

Some of these on the list, I have no idea how to do. But, there are quite a few on that list that I am good.

Ones that I had no idea I could even offer as a service. Graphic creation? I can do that. I’m great at that!


Who are you going to serve?

I don’t know why it never occurred to me, but you really need to figure out what kind of clients are a good fit for you. I had assumed that anyone willing to pay me to help them was going to be a good fit. (Ha! I’m so serious.)

Well, if you don’t want to burn out quickly, and be efficient in your new-found business, who you choose as a client, matters.

Once you figure out who you want to serve, then comes an even harder question. How do you find these people? They may not even know they need help!

Guess what, shes helps answer these questions too! Yep.

You don’t have to do it alone

One of my favorite things about this course is that you get access to her private VA Facebook group. There are so many people there who have started their VA business and are thriving.

They participate in group discussions, help out the newer folks, and figure out how to grow together. It’s amazing to see people working together to help grow their business. This group alone would be worth the cost of the course.

It’s amazing to see all the people who have left their 9-5 job (or are in the process of doing so) and are not only making it as VAs but thriving!

Do I recommend the course

If you are serious about creating a VA business, absolutely. If you’re still on the fence, I would wait until your sure this is something you want to pursue. (Although she does have a 7-day money back guarantee.)

The only thing that I wish this course offered? I wish someone could have done all the hard work for me. Ha! You know, like a premade list of clients just waiting for me, and already knew everything they wanted done. (One can dream, right?)

So if you can find someone to do that for me, without costing me more than this course, let me know!

Gina is rocking it as a VA. Now she’s teaching us how she’s gotten so good at what she does. If you’re seriously thinking about starting your own business check out Gina Horkey’s 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success.

Read my full review of 30 days or less to Virtual Assistant success


How to become a VA | Starting a VA business

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