Best toys for Inspiring Imagination

These toys are perfect for inspiring your kids to be creative and transform their play area to a whole other world. This is great for brain development and essential to healthy development.

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Rocket Adventure Cape Costume Set

Your little astronaut is sure to make it to their favorite planet with this gear.

Washer & Dryer Play Set

Kids love to mimic what they see. This washer dryer combo will let them play house for hours.

Dress up and Animal Ears Costume for Toddlers

What a sweet dress-up set to turn your child into majestical woodland creatures.

Seedlings Desing your own Little Mermaid Fintastical Tail

This create your own Aerial tail from the little mermaid will let help your child transform into an underwater princess.

Canvas TeePee

This basic teepee is perfect to customize and will give your child their own special area to read and play in. This week a house in the woods, next week the cabin of their pirate ship.

Easy Playhouse

A more affordable option to the imagination house.

Cardboard House Tool Kit

If you’ve got a real crafty one, they may prefer to simply build their playhouse themselves using these tools, and a few cardboard boxes.

Walk Along Tool Cart

My toddler is fascinated with tools. He especially loves them to fix up the cardboard box houses we build.

Desing your own Butterfly Wings

These butterfly wings can be designed by your little one, allowing them to choose what beautiful being they want to be.


Mellisa & Doug Delux Puppet Theater 

A puppet theater can allow your little ones to express themselves through puppets. They can re-enact situations from their own lives or let their creativity guide their little puppets.

Costumes & Dress Up

Dress up is always a winner in helping bring out a child’s imagination. It’s also a lot of fun to watch your child’s inner personalities be let free through a simple costume change.

Tinker Toys

Tinker toys are a great “quiet time” activity that stimulates your child’s brain by encouraging them to build new structures. Using their hands to create and then change these structures into whatever they can imagine expands the part of their brain that controls their ability to process spatial relationships.

Lincoln logs

Linkin Logs are an old-school favorite that are perfect building blocks for elementary school children.

The Big Creativity Can

I’ve personally have had no experience with these “cans of creativity” but they sure do look like a lot of fun.

Fort Creation Kit

Yes, another building toy. I really love building toys for children. They combine mind work together with physical activity. Creating their own sanctuaries is fun and satisfying, as well as making them critically think about what they are creating.

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