We are a community of mom bloggers who know how hard mom life can be.

We are looking for articles and blog posts related to all things mom. If you are interested in guest posting for us, or becoming a regular contributor we’d love to hear from you.

Table of Contents

We cover topics related to:

  • New motherhood & being a new mom
  • Pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • Moms health
  • Moms saving money and budgeting
  • Self-care for moms
  • Parenting
  • Baby care
  • Work at home moms
  • Moms Working from home as virtual assistants


What you get from posting with us

  • An author bio promoting your blog and social media profiles, products or opt-ins.
  • Promotion on our social media channels
  • An in-text backlink to your blog within the post (This helps google view your blog as an authority)
  • A new audience to see your work
  • Possible traffic from Fun Thrifty Mom


The requirements for all posts are:

  • Unique (not published elsewhere) and original content
  • High quality and personable
  • At least 8000 words
  • Uses proper H2 Heading and H3 subheadings
  • Written in easy to read paragraphs (2-3 sentences max)
  • No affiliate links unless otherwise agreed upon

If you submit a post idea and it’s accepted, you’ll be added to our WordPress backend as a contributor. When submitting a post idea, please share with us your blog or website, post idea and a general summary.

Please title your email with “guest post” and send to funthriftymom@gmail.com

If your post is accepted we may:

  • Do light editing
  • Insert additional internal links
  • May put a few relevant affiliate links
  • We’ll add images and Pins (Although if you have your own non-stock photos that you took and are relevant we can use those too!)